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World Vision Generation Excellent Partnership

This year, Generation Excellent continues to sponsor World Vision's "Knit for Kids" program.  This is a nationwide program that unites thousands of knitters and crocheters to fight poverty with their needles.  For millions of children, a hand-made item isn't just a sweater or a blanket.  It's a chance at better health.  It's protection and warmth from freezing temperatures.  The knitted and crocheted items are far more than something created from a simple skein of yarn.  As we infuse our time, our talent, and money in to an item, we also infuse our love.

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At each performance that Generation Excellent does this year, we will be collecting children's handmade knitted or crocheted sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets.  Although World Vision encourages you to give of yourself by making these items, they also accept them ready made for those who want to give but do not knit or crochet.

We were very excited that during the last quarter of last year, we collected over two hundred items.  This was a great beginning, and this year we have set our goal for one thousand items.

For more information, contact us or visit

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Local Drop-off Locations

In addition to collections at Generation Excellent's musical events, Boondocks and Secondhand News in West Jefferson have graciously agreed to partner with us to receive donations of knitted items as well.
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