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His offspring will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.  (Ps. 112:2)
    Generation Excellent is a Christian ministry comprised of young men and women dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus and bringing hope and encouragement to lost and hurting souls.  Although we all come from different backgrounds and are at different places in our lives, we are unified in one spirit, standing true to our faith.  We are a family and we want to portray that in every performance we give.

    Through drama and music we offer programs with strong messages that are encouraging to those on the Christian walk of faith.  With each program, we strive to offer a high level of quality and professionalism that would be honoring and glorifying to our Lord and Savior, because He deserves nothing less.
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The Generation Excellent family: Joshua Knapp, Molly Russell, Nathaniel Padgett, Caleb Miller, Andrew Greer, Shayla Miller, Noelle Miller, Josiah Kolseth, and Mickey Lewis

2020 Spring Special

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Broken Vessels is an honest and heartfelt testimony of song, spoken word, and scripture that dives into the inherent brokenness of people – and how God uses that brokenness for good.

See our Programs page for more information or to view and download full-color printable posters, fliers, and bulletin inserts for Broken Vessels.

Check the Calendar page to see a list of upcoming events, or contact Pam Miller if you are interested in having Generation Excellent sing at your venue.
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​Knit for Kids Partnership

World Vision - Knit for Kids
For several years, Generation Excellent has partnered with various ministries such as Samaritan's Purse and World Vision to support missions worldwide.
Beginning in 2018, we have been collecting knitted and crocheted items for World Vision's "Knit for Kids" program.  Click here to learn more about this program, and how you can be involved.
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